Sun-Sational Solar Financing Options

Purchasing a solar system – whether PV or a Solar Hot Water system can be a big investment.  Learn about our Sun-Sational financing options.  Contact a Hi-Power Solar consultant for more information about our Sun-Sational Solar Financing Options.  

Purchasing Options

  1. Purchase the system independently
  2. Loans
    • Signature or Equity/HELOC loan
    • Must be owner-occupant
    • Up to 100% financing
    • A variety of no and low interest rate options, including no payment promotional periods.
    • Possible credits of up to 30% Federal Tax Credits, 35% State Tax Credits, & $750 Rebate (for Solar Hot Water)

 Leasing Option

  1. Leasing for Residential
    • Low or No Down-Payment
    • Low Monthly Payments
    • Flexible options at the end of the lease term
    • Production guaranteed

Learn about our SunPower Leasing Plan Option