SUN-SATIONAL Solar Financing Options

We understand that purchasing a solar system, whether PV, Solar Hot Water, Solar Attic Fan, or Solar Pool Heating System can be a big investment.  Hi-Power Solar has partnered with several financial institutions to offer you the best solar financing options at affordable prices.  Contact a Hi-Power Solar consultant for more information about our Sun-Sational Solar Financing Options.

Residential Financing Options

Purchasing Options

  1. Purchase the system independentlydt-sign-finance-sunsational2
  2. Loan
    • Signature or Equity/HELOC loan
    • Must be owner-occupant
    • Up to 100% financing
    • Interest rates options from 0% APR (with no payments for 2-years, depending on credit approval) to 2.99% APR fixed for the first 24 months
    • Possible credits of up to 30% Federal Tax Credits, 35% State Tax Credits, & $750 Rebate (for Solar Hot Water)

 Leasing Option

  1. Leasing for Residential
    • Low or No Down-Payment
    • Low Monthly Payments
    • Flexible options at the end of the lease term
    • Production guaranteed

Learn about our SunPower Leasing Plan Option


Commercial Financing Options

  1. Purchase the system independently
  2. We work directly with you and your bank on loan options
  3. Possible credits of up to:
    • 30% Federal Tax Credits
    • 35% State Tax Credits
    • MACRS depreciation
  4. Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
    • Low or No Down-Payment
    • Monthly discounted rate on your utility bill
    • Flexible options at the end of the term