On September 6, 2013, HECO announced the NEM agreement process change for all Solar PV installations. All residential and commercial properties must go through several steps before any PV systems can be installed.
Step 1: Check your grid saturation on the HECO LVM map. All areas must first be checked on the grid saturation level, meaning, how saturated is your location in solar PV installations could possibly have a negative effect on the electrical grid. If you fall within a certain percentage, HECO may require that an upgrade be done to their system to allow for more solar installations in your area. There may be additional costs to this upgrade that is currently unknown. HECO is still working on this logistic.

Step 2: Fill Out and Submit NEM agreement NEM agreement approval timeline depend on what percentage bracket you fall in. Approvals vary between 3 weeks and 5‐6 months. Once the NEM agreement is approved, we will quickly move to complete the remaining documents and permits to complete the installation process. This usually takes about 7 days but could complete as quickly as 2‐3 days.

Step 3: It is common to have your HECO meter changed out after the installation has completed, and the building and electrical permits have been closed. However, we have seen digital meters get changed out prior to the solar installations. Wheel meters continue to get changed out after the installation and permits have closed. You do not need to do anything during this process. HECO will send someone to complete this change out for you.


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