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What makes SunPower a great choice for you?

  1. Solid Foundation :   SunPower cells are built on a solid copper foundation, which delivers unmatched reliability over the lifetime of your solar system. Maxeon Cell technology produces high performance, and is immune from to forces that destroy solar panels over time: corrosion due to moisture intrusion, cell cracking due to windload and other stresses and large day-night temperature swings that can compromise solder joints.
  2.  Maxeon-Cell-420x240
  3. Maximum Power in Less Space :  SunPower solar panels deliver up to 36-44% more power per panel.  When you create power with less panels, you are able position them on the sunniest side of the rooftop.
  4. More Electricity :  SunPower panels produce more than conventional panels by converting more sunlight into electricity.more-power-300x209 These panels produce up to 60-75% more energy in the same roof space over a 25 year period.  Your solar panels “wake up” earlier and “go to bed” later than conventional panels giving you more electrical production.
  5. Flexibility :  Think you might drive an electric vehicle in the future?  Want to run your air conditioning without the big electric bill?  Expand energy production by simply using additional roof space to add more panels in the future.
  6. Peace of Mind:  More Power Guaranteed.  SunPower offers the industry’s best combined 25 year power AND product warranty.  SunPower’s “bumper to bumper” 25 year warranty means no worries and no hidden costs.
      • Rigorous Testing and Analysis
      • Premium Product Warranty
      • Premium Performance Warranty

SunPower Solar Systems incorporate High Tech with Beautiful Designs:

The X-Series panels are offered in SunPower Signature Black, designed to blend into your roof.  Built using all-black solar cells and anti-reflective glass to reduce glare, the look and design of these panels will blend in with a variety of rooftops.



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