Panasonic Photovoltaic Solar Panels

HIT Technology: Why is this the ideal solar panel for Hawai’i?

“Panasonic HIT solar panel is one of the highest efficient solar panels globally yielding one of the world’s highest power generation per installation areas.”

What are the concerns for the Hawai’i market?
1. Limited area for PV installation
2. Highest temperatures through the year
3. High utility bills
4. Cloudy and rainy conditions on the windward side of the Hawai’i Islands

Why are the HIT Solar Panels the best choice for Hawai’i?  

1.  More power generation in limited space.  Ultra High Efficiency With 21.6% cell and 19% module (240W), HIT means more power per square foot. It is a smaller size panel with greater efficiency. This means you need fewer panels to produce the same type of efficiency that bigger panels do. More roof space, less panels.

2.  Superior Temperature Performance.  Did you know that power output decreases for conventional solar panels at high temperatures?  Panasonic has less degredation per degree increase in temperature.  This means that no matter how hot it gets, especially in the hot Hawaiian sun,  Panasonic has the highest and best performance over other solar panels.

3.  More power generation in PV system lifetime = More utility bill savings in 25 years.  100% Warranted Power Tolerance.

4.  Top performance in low light and cloudy conditions.  Early to rise, late to bed; up to 1 hour more operating time per day means your solar panel is working longer for you, givin you the most power and energy.  HIT cells capture more light than any other PV technologies, increasing power in low light or cloudy conditions.  This gives you the most energy in any type of condition than other conventional solar panels.

If you would like more information about the HIT PV Panels, please contact us and let us help you make an informed decision.

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