Solar Panel Products and Service

When it comes to purchasing solar panels, every solar panel is not created equally.  There are different sizes, wattage, and efficiency within the solar technology.  It is important to know what is important to you when it comes to your solar “investment.”   Hi‐Power Solar offers a wide variety of solar products and manufacturers at different prices ranges for every budget.

SunPower – With SunPower, Earth Day is Every Day

sunpowerPremier-300x139SunPower is a 27 year old company with $2.5 billion/yr revenues that specializes and produces solar panels as its primary business.  All of it’s resources are dedicated to producing world class solar panels with the highest reliability and efficiency.  Rigorous testing is done to ensure long term durability in varying conditions while maintaining high efficiency.

What Makes SunPower a Great Choice for You?

Mitsubishi – A Product Made to Last

mesi_logoFrom pushing the limits of precision in Microelectronics to producing entire space satellites, Mitsubishi Electric has built up a reputation for innovating key technologies and achieving technological feats in a wide range of fields for nearly a century.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has over 90 years of excellence. When purchasing a long-term investment, such as photovoltaic panels, it is crucial to have a reliable and stable manufacturer to honor its warranties and provide lasting support. You can have a piece of mind in knowing that Mitsubishi is a brand name you can trust…for centuries to come.

Why choose Mitsubishi over all the other average solar panels?

  1. Technology Innovations
  2. Quality Products
  3. Performance Reliability

Panasonic Photovoltaic

PIP_Logo_neg_4c-300x111Panasonic has been around for more than 30 years and has a proven track record of efficiency and performance that is matched by none. Panasonic is a Japan based company formerly known as Sanyo. The HIT PV panel is a unique patented technology by Panasonic alone.

High Efficiency  HIT Power solar panels are leaders in sunlight conversion efficiency.  Obtain maximum power within a fixed amount of space. Save money using fewer system attachments and racking materials, and reduce costs by spending less time install- ing per Watt.   The power ratings for HIT Power panels guarantee customers receive 100% of the nameplate rated power (or more) at the time of purchase, enabling owners to generate more kWh per rated Watt, quicken investments returns, and help realize complete customer satisfaction.

Why-HIT-Reason-1-300x131Watch this Video and Learn about what makes Panasonic the best PV Panels




lg1LG is one of the highest producing panels for its size.  It is light and robust.  Recommended to be one of the “best bang for your buck” panels.

290W 17.7% efficiency Monocrsytalline Positive power tolerance starts at 0% and is ‐+3% of stated power output Average performance – 267W (Should not be used if your home or property is within 500 feet of salt water)


Solar World 

solarworldA U.S. made solar panel with a great warranty.  SolarWorld guarantees a maximum performance digression of 0.7% p.a. in the course of 25 years.

270W 16.1% efficiency Monocrystalline Tolerance level ranges from 0% to +5% (Should not be used if your home or property is within 500 feet of salt water)

World-class quality; Fully-automated production lines and seamless monitoring of the process and material ensure the quality that the company sets as its benchmark for its sites worldwide.



HHI-logo2-thumbnailA 60 cell South Korean made panel that is made to be weatherproof. 255W 15.5% efficiency Monocrystalline Tolerance level ranges from 0% to +3% Has salt‐water corrosion warranty




Hanwha Q Cells

hanwha-q-cellsOur most affordable panel. This German engineered product is a poly-crystalline, 265W, 60-cell module which is completely All-Weather/Low Light compatible and fully resistant to level 5 salt fog.




kyocera-logoKyocera has been a pioneer in the solar energy industry for over 35 years. With its dedication to continued research and drive to be the best – Kyocera has broken polycrystalline solar cell efficiency world record several times over. Kyocera panels are manufactured and produced at their own plants worldwide. This allows for complete control of the product quality. All Kyocera manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 & 14001 certified. Kyocera solar panels come in 260W and 330W modules.

Our Micro‐Inverters Hi‐Power Solar offers two options for micro‐inverters that support your Photovoltaic (PV) panels.  Although their main objective is to support the performance of your panels, the differences between the two are listed below.

Power‐One – “A Leader in High‐Efficiency “Green” Power Solutions, Including Renewable Energy”

powerone-logo-150The Power‐One Micro‐Inverter is our most universal inverter for these four reasons:

1. It has the flexibility to support 240‐360W modules. This benefit means no matter what your PV watt is, Power‐One will support and keep your modules running cooler and stable even in hot and high producing days.

2. The widest Vin range to support 60, 72 and 90 cell high power PV modules. You have more flexibility in the types of panels you choose.

3. A full system warranty that covers the inverter, cabling and communications.

4. An extensive training and customer support program.

Enphase –“Enphase Energy is the world’s leading micro inverter systems provider, pursuing unique, high‐tech innovations to continually advance the performance and intelligence of residential and commercial solar energy systems.”

Enphase-energy-logo-for-web-devices-220x220The things that set Enphase a part:

1. Fast installation: Uses plug‐and‐play Engage Cable connectors

2. Industry‐leading 25‐year warranty: Provides total peace of mind

3. Great Customer Support: 24/7 monitoring and analysis

Solar Hot Water Heating Systems

When it comes to solar, many people are familiar with solar PV, or Photovoltaic. But did you know that households with four or more people could save up to $600 a year using a Solar Hot Water Heating System?  Your home’s largest energy user is your electric water heater, especially if you don’t have air conditioning or a swimming pool. (Source: Hawaii Energy) )

Solar water heating systems include storage tank(s) and solar collector(s) or solar panel(s). There are two types of solar water heating systems: active, which have circulating pumps and controls, and passive, which don’t. Hi-Power Solar uses an active system, as this is the most efficient system in Hawai’i because of our climate. To get a better understanding of how your solar hot water heating system works please watch this video:

Active Solar Water Heating Systems:

Direct circulation systems – pumps circulate household water through the collector then into the home. This system is the most efficient and cost effective system, because our climate never freezes.

Indirect circulation systems – pumps circulate a non-freezing, heat-transfer fluid through the collectors then a heat exchanger. This heats the water then flows into the home. This is used for climates that are prone to freezing temperatures.

Solar Hot Water Collectors (Panels)

Morning Star: This handcrafted collector is manufactured in Jacksonville, FL by Alternate Energy Technologies, LLC. This 30-year design life is backed with a 10-year warranty.

SunEarth: This Fontana, California based company has been providing clean energy solutions since 1978. With 32-years of design experience, this collector is also backed with a 10-year warranty.

For more information about these products, visit the documents page where you can review the specifications.

Solar Hot Water Heater Storage Tanks

Storage Tank and Electric Storage Water Heaters for Solar Applications

Available in 80 and 120 gallons 

  • solar-water-heaterBrass drain valve
  • Single element water heater specially engineered for installation with residential direct solar systems
  • Special threaded stud located near the outlet for attachment of tank sensor
  • Temperature and pressure relief valve included
  • Side and top connect models available
  • Isolated tank design for better heat retention
  • High efficiency stainless steel heating element
  • Tank lining resists corrosion and prolongs tank life
  • Cold water dip tube brings cold water to tank bottom to prevent mixing with heated water
  • Anode rod equalizes aggressive water action for prolonged tank life
  • Cold water inlet, hot water outlet, relief valve and anode rod at top of tank for easy access and fast, economical installation
  • Automatic temperature control / Over temperature protector

Solar Attic Fans and Solar Pool Systems

Hi-Power Solar installs solar powered attic fans as well as solar pool heating systems.

Solar Attic Fan:

Natural Light Solar Attic Fans are highly energy efficient and backs up the quality and craftsmanship of solar attic fans with the industry leading 25-year warranty against manufacturers defects in material and deterioration. Attic venting is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy, energy efficient home. The Natural Light Solar Attic Fan works with your existing passive vents to improve air circulation. Adding a solar attic fan is a simple and affordable home improvement product that overtime will pay for itself. Cooling your attic space in the summer can reduce your AC costs. It will also extend the life of your roof shingles and prevent damaging rot.

To learn more about Solar Attic Fans, Contact us at (808) 342-0802.

 Solar Pool Heating:

FAFCO solar pool heating dramatically extends your swimming season, allowing you to enjoy your warm water from spring to fall. First-time pool owners are often surprised by how much traditional pool heaters cost to run. Because of this, many choose not to heat the pool at all, limiting its use to only the hottest days of summer. A FAFCO solar pool heating system can cost less to install than a gas heater and it instantly adds value to your home and from then on, your heat is free from the sun. The premium quality, superior technology, and second-to-none performance and reliability of FAFCO solar collectors are backed by a 12-year worry-free collector warranty.

To learn more about Solar Pool Heating Contact us at (808) 342-0802.