Ron Romero


Ron Romero founded HI-Power Solar on April 6, 2010. Ron has worked in the solar industry for over 30 years. While working with other solar companies, Ron realized that once a “job” was complete, the customer was soon forgotten and was no longer seen as a first priority in ongoing system maintenance and relationship. Understanding that Hawai’i is a unique and family oriented state and culture, Ron took it upon himself to care for each of his customers as if they were apart of his own family. Hence was the birth of HI-Power Solar. The company was built and continues to grow by word of mouth of countless satisfied customers.

Chase Romero

Sales Manager

Chase has been in sales most of his life and wireless/electronics has been his focus prior to joining the family business. He is known for his patience and careful explanation of the process in going solar. Kindness and camaraderie are his motto.

 “I enjoy being able to inform local people of the right path to their solar investment. Education is the most rewarding part of my job.”

Mario Ramirez

Operations Manager

With the discipline of the Army, Mario believes in hard work and execution while continuing to expand his knowledge through continuing education. Mario has held numerous leadership positions from assistant manager, to Equal Opportunity Officer, Supervisor, Instructor, Trainer, and Operations Manager. Over the years, Mario has been responsible for over millions of dollars in equipment and gear.
Mario started in the construction and solar industry as a roof installer and executive sales with M&R Roofing. He later made the transition over to solar with Hi‐Power Solar as an installer and has recently been promoted to Operations Manager.

“Hi‐Power Solar is more than just a company. It has the ‘Ohana kind of environment that works together as a team with passion to improve business with customers, and integrate them into our Hi‐Power Solar ‘Ohana.”

Ben K. Marumoto

Marketing Consultant /

Ben has over 20 years experience in the marketing and consulting field, representing top companies around the state of Hawaii.  Ben’s experience as a search engine behaviorist is second to none in the field.

 “I really like the family atmosphere at HI-Power Solar and the people that I get to work with are very humble and gracious.

Ann Marie Bento

Office Manager

Ann started with Hi-Power Solar in 2011 after spending ten years in the banking, loans and financial services industry. She has a solid understanding of how solar is considered one of the greatest investments we can make toward the future and finds it very rewarding to assist families in this process.

Ann started with Hi-Power Solar in 2011 after spending ten years in the banking, loans and financial services industry. She has a solid understanding of how solar is considered one of the greatest investments we can make toward the future and finds it very rewarding to assist families in this process.

Jeff Castillo

Sales Manager

Coming from an electronic and wireless background, Jeff brings to the Hi-Power Solar team over 10 years of sales experience.  He has a vast knowledge of enhancing customer experience.

His personal goal of helping people shines through and creates an enjoyable atmosphere for those that work with him. He is enthusiastic about Customer Service, and loves to be the “go-to” person when anyone is in need.

Being a part of the Hi-Power Solar family is an honor. Since becoming a part of the team, it has brought me much joy to have met and helped so many good people. Regardless of whether it’s before, during, or after the sale, satisfaction is my number one priority.”

Derek Peterson

Solar Consultant

As an entrepreneur, a business owner, an Air Force veteran and an active firefighter, Derek leads more than a full life. Yet he finds the time to be an excellent solar consultant and spread his good cheer. His infectious smile will melt your heart and his knowledge of residential and commercial products are extensive. If you want to be entertained with jokes while learning straight-up honest answers to your solar questions, Derek Peterson is your man.

““I love being a part of Hi-Power Solar Ohana because Ron has created ethics and integrity in his business model. Taking care of our Aina has been an important mission of mine since childhood and I see this as a way we can all contribute.”

Kevyn Nishioka

Solar Consultant

Kevyn started with Hi‐Power Solar in the summer of 2010 as a solar consultant. Although he has 25+ years of experience in management, Kevin believes that solar is the way to go. It saves money, uses natural energy, and the environment.

“I decided to work with Hi‐Power Solar because it’s a local company. The difference between the local businesses versus the bigger mainland outfit is the personalized solution and attention that each of our customers and employees get. If there’s an issue, you can go straight to the source. Ron, the owner, is readily available.”

Derek Hirano

Solar Consultant

Derek is a UH graduate with a BS in Computer Science, after studying and receiving his Associates Degree in Electrical Engineering in Japan. Completing
the rigorous SunPower training program, Derek specializes in leasing and technical support.

At Hi-Power Solar, it’s about how we can help people towards energy independence. We want to give people the knowledge about what we can do for them and how they can make a difference with something just as small as changing one thing in their lives.”

Cruz Romero

Vice President

From a young age, Cruz started his career in the sales industry and has come to love working with people and recommending solutions based on their individual needs. As a leader in his own right, Cruz was promoted very quickly to Manager through his sales expertise, positive customer experience, and more importantly by helping others to excel and be successful. He has led many successful teams across the state and has coached and trained people from Customer Service, to Sales and Consultants, to Technicians, and Managers. His philosophy comes from the belief that great service with a great price sells itself. The quality in all things is what people are investing in.

“With Hi-Power Solar, you get quality products for a fair price. Every installation is made of high-grade materials. We must continue to look for more “green” solutions so that we can sustain our future and more importantly that of our future generation.”

Nami Nielipinski

Marketing Director/Sales Manager

Originally from Japan, Nami is what you would call a naturalist when it comes to solar and energy conservation. Her natural ability comes from her wholehearted love for Mother Nature. Being fluent in Japanese she educates her customers about the benefits of solar and ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

“I enjoy working at Hi-Power Solar because of its family atmosphere and genuine interest in helping local families thrive. This is the most rewarding job I’ve ever had, knowing that we’re helping to save the environment while building lasting relationships.”

Steven Yamase

Senior Solar Consultant

Steven Yamase – As one of Hi-Power Solar’ Senior Solar Consultant and over ten plus years of experience in the solar industry, Steven enjoys helping homeowners with their questions about solar hot water, solar attic fans and PV solar systems. Being honest and upfront about the solar process and products is the most important thing with both employees and customers.

“If I could put into one word what Hi-Power Solar stands for its honesty! Ron and the HI-Power Solar team is upfront and open, walking each individual through the process from point A to point Z.”

Hazel Tando

Solar Consultant

Coming from the real estate industry, Hazel understands that not only is the first impression important, but everything done from beginning to end leaves a lasting impression.

 “Every customer touched is a friend for life. It’s important to ensure that we look out for our customer’s interest as if they were a part of our own family.”

Kevin Kawachi

Solar Consultant/Onsite Technician

Specializing in solar technology, energy conservation, solar hot water and inverter troubleshooting, Kevin is a second generation Solar Consultant. He
strives to inform and educate so his clients can find the best products to meet their needs

“I enjoy letting people know about what’s out there and how everything works, in order to help them solve issues and make informed decisions.”