Off Grid Solar Backup Systems

If you are thinking about installing solar, you may be in for a surprise!  On September 6, 2013, HECO announced their policy changes on the NEM agreement process. In the past, customers could put solar on their roof prior to getting approval from HECO regardless of their area or grid saturation. Since the new changes, customers now have to get prior approval from HECO to install solar before they can move forward with the installation. This sudden and drastic change has put a dramatic halt on all solar installations on the island on O’ahu.

Hawai’i was the leading state in the US in regards to solar installation. In fact, in the American Scientific article the sub‐line states, “Photovoltaic proved so successful in Hawaii that the local utility, HECO, has instituted policies to block further expansion.” Since this policy change, companies and customers alike have looked for other means and ways of installing solar without having to go through HECO.  A not so new but growing technology that has been up and coming is off grid battery backup for solar systems.

The off‐grid battery backup system runs much like a generator. The energy that the solar panels produce gets stored into the battery system. During the evening throughout the night the stored energy then gets used as electricity. In other words, instead of having to rely on HECO to supply your electricity, you are producing your own electricity and store any excess for future use. There are controversies on whether or not customers would still need prior approval from HECO. Technically, since the energy produced from the solar panel are NOT feeding back into the HECO grid but is rather being stored in the battery backup system, HECO has no involvement in the production on your electricity.

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