Laulima Referral Program

(Laulima – “many hands” or “to work together”)

Are you happy with your solar system? Do you know someone who is looking to put solar Photovoltaic (PV) or Solar Hot Water on their home to cut down the cost of electricity? How would you like to earn up to an extra $500 for simply referring your family or friends to Hi-Power Solar?

Hi-Power Solar was built by word of mouth of countless satisfied customers and we understand how important it is to do things right from beginning to end. We also understand the price of living in paradise. This is why we created our Laulima Referral Program.

 How does it work?

  • You receive $500 for every referred PV system that is contracted and installed
  • You receive $100 for every referred SHW (solar hot water) system that is contracted and installed


  • Hi-Power Solar may require submission of a 1099 Form or other tax documents prior to making a referral payment.  
  • Customers may not refer themselves
  • Additional restrictions may apply 
  • Subject to change without notice 
  • Referral payment may be split or reduced where a new residential PV project is referred by more than one person  
  • Our Laulima Referral Form must be completed prior to (the referred customer) signing the contract
    • Acceptable formats of turning in Referral Form: Email, Website, Paper (given by consultant)
    • Referral payments will be paid out after HI-Power Solar receives final payment

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