Get Solar Hot Water Now!

With Solar Hot Water – No Need to Wait for HECO’s Approval!

Did you know that your current hot water heater consumes so much electricity that it can send your electric bill through the roof?

You can start saving up to 35% now on your monthly electric bill by switching to a Solar Hot Water system.   There’s no need to wait for HECO’s approval since it is a thermal collector/panel system is completely independent of the electric grid.   Contact Us Today to find out how to get started with solar hot water now and add on to your system later!

Hi-Power Solar will typically install one (1) to two (2) black panels on the roof and the solar tank will conveniently fit into your home’s existing location so no worries.

Utilize Hawaii’s year-round warm weather and get solar hot water!  This is one of the most cost effective ways to put money back into your pocket, especially with Hawaii Energy’s $750 extended rebate offer, the 30% Federal Tax Credit and 35% State Tax Credit. Combined, that is nearly a 70% savings off of your purchase. The panels are also super durable and will last up to 30 years on your home.

Call us today to schedule a free consultation at (808) 342-0802 to find out more.