$750 Solar Hot Water Rebate


Solar Hot Water Rebate

As a Hawaii Energy, Clean Energy Ally, we excited to offer our customers high quality Solar Hot Water systems with an excellent $750 Rebate.  As the tax season is upon us, you can also benefit from a 30% Federal and 35% State tax credit.

This means that our customers can put almost 70% of the purchase price of their Solar Hot Water System back in their pocket, if they act now.  It’s time to take advantage of Solar Heating systems, which help you by using the greatest free natural resource, the sun, to reduce your electric energy costs. What’s best, you don’t need the electric company’s approvalto use your system.  Just let us take care of the installation, turn on the switch, and you’re on way to fabulous savings!

Solar Hot Water Systems are easy to maintain.  They require only basic fittings and a one-time investment, and after that it’s virtually maintenance free for up-to 20 years.  More importantly, day-by-day cost of solar pieces of equipment have lowered a lot, as new and more efficient equipment can be purchased the market.  Solar Hot Water Systems are a definite green and clean energy source that will provide you years of hot water, at a great price, with little worry.

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